Friday, July 09, 2010


How quick voters have forgotten rotten decisions by Republican administrations, especially those of George W. Bush, that got us into a phony war that led to recession, near depression and destroyed a healthy, wealthy economy.

Voters recall the reason why, but that was then, this is now. Somehow politics play tricks that stick in the memory, ignore past history when they rejected the party in power for the power apparent who elected a president promising change.

The new administration came to the realization errors of opponent’s past last longer than anticipated. But some Voters feel they’ve waited long enough, that Obama’s promise was a bluff. He didn’t follow through so they may want to try someone new even thoughRepublicans never do what they say they’ll do. They lie and try to shift the blame.
They did that lie and denied they started the war that caused the deaths of thousands of GIs and innocent Iraqi citizens.

Bush blamed the 9/11 attack on Iraq, another time Bush abused the truth to embroil us in a war over oil and to feed the greed of America’s war-based industry.

The Iraq War, at least five years old, still goes on. Profiteers hope it lasts for years and years.

Meanwhile, Dubya sheds no tears as GIs die while he swills his beers, wiggles his ears, appears unconcerned as thousands die, our costs soar high, the fight goes on and the end is out of of sight.

We can’t forget how Ronnie got us in deep debt taking loans to hone the false economy and left a bill for Bill Clinton to pay which he did in the old fashioned way---created jobs. expanded the nation's work force and erased its debt.

True, Bill had weird sexual desires, but was rehired for a second term because his system worked. He left a surplus for Dubya to destroy to support that phony war.

Enough of Baby Bush and all the rest of the GOPers who did their best to mess up the US. We now have a good Democrat who will put us back on track and correct mistakes made by lesser predecessors.

President Obama deserves credit for cleaning up the White House mess, but does he get it? Not from the GOP who blames Democrats for this, that, even goofs by GWB and the GOP and there are plenty of these, thank you please.

Just get on the Internet and ask Google for a list of Obama gifts that benefit the working man, the credit card shopper, the Medicare user or victims of computer crooks. Or what Obama’s done or has tried to do in spite of GOP trickery.

Check your memory, you’ll agree, a vote for the GOP is not for you, me or democracy.


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