Sunday, May 16, 2010


“‘Slim” Jim, do you remember him? They called him that because he was so fat. He was more than that. He was obese. But he never ceased to at least to try to be true to the gym where he came to work out and to make out with fatties he loved to woo. His “Sweetiepie” at the gym and the Y loved him, too, but couldn’t stand the things he’d do when he spied Jenny’s fat ass go jogging by.

Jim would turn around and chase Jenny down the track and whack her backside, yell “Giddy yap!” and shout a cowboy “Yahoo!” and all the runners knew Slim Jim was in the gym.

Jenny’d stop and say to him, “You all should stop thumping my rump.” and giggle and wiggle her rear coquettishly, then resume her lap around the track.

Sweetiepie would laugh a bit to cover up the fact she resented it and let it pass, but inwardly she cried because her lover thought so little of her that he’d play this same old game and shame her constantly.

Sometimes at night after they’d made love that seemed so right any mention of Jenny would start a fight. He’d angrily turn on the light and she’d stare at his grotesque undressed body and her own.

Jlm would see the tear in her eyes and suddenly realize his foolishness caused more stress than he could bear. He took her in his arms and kissed away her tears.

“First let me say Jenny means nothing to me. Yesterday, when I acted that way, I don’t know why. Something just comes over me.” Jim promised never again to “thump Jenny’s rump,” but she knew he would. Sometimes she’d stand nude on her bathroom scale and think of Jim and recite the verse she once read that said it all: “When a girl gets fat as an alley cat and craves romance, forget what might be in his pants. If he sees what pleases him in his head and you do, too, nature will tell you what to do.”

Jim was her first and last chance for romance and she knew it. Let Jim thump Nelly’s rump, but when Sweetie Pie and Jim thumped belly to belly, that was ecstasy.


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