Thursday, April 01, 2010


Those who chose to oppose health care reform are unpatriotic idiotic enemies of democracy/ They’re the epitome of hypocrisy who care more for their unfair share of “gimmee-gimmee” than they are for the recovery of the economy, the health of the poor and uninsured, the chronically ill who might not get well, could even expire, if their medical costs keep going higher. And what will happen when they retire and can’t afford the nutrition they need, the pills the doctor prescribes?

When you realize how many can’t find any work to do, can’t repay the loan on the home they thought they owned, how can you defy a law that just might buy insurance to carry them through the endurance of long term, painful recovery from effects of serious injuries or debilitating disease?

President Obama and financial experts agree the economy will be healthier when health care is the law of the land, available to all on demand.

The insurance industry and GOP will lie, defy, try to kill health reform.. It makes sense to those who value dollars and cents more than common sense.

The nation’s need supersedes the greed of those who want more for them and less for you. Give health reform time to prove the experts right.

The opposition GOP doesn’t care about the U.S.A. They just want to defeat Democrats. They know if the President is a success Republicans will get the gate next time around. It’s why they hate whatever Barack Obama tries to legislate.

The GOP will lie and cheat to defeat the Democrats. That’s where they’re at. It’s how they pushed born loser Baby Bush into the White House twice. Take this advice: don’t let them do it again!


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