Thursday, March 18, 2010


This is for those who dine in a public place, then blow their nose and/or wipe their mouth and face in paper or cloth napkins and dispose them in an unclean plate.

Do you know. it’s a fact, a thoughtless, unsanitary act could trigger the spread of a serious, contagious disease?

Do you realize an unprotected, unexpected cough or sneeze could send harmful germs into the air, resulting in who knows what, when or where or how it got there?

One more thought I’d like to stress: when you finish your restroom business, wash your hands with plenty of soap and a lot of hot, hot water! That’s one way to prevent an infectious event.

There are ways waves of sickness begin and if not checked, can grow into epidemics that make some people sick, or even worse, send them to an early grave.

The good news is, these threatening unhealthy conditions can be controlled by following the age-old axiom sure to ease the spread of disease: “An ounce of precaution is worth a pound of cure.”

There are times when medication, or hospitalization, is needed, or when a dose of grandma’s chicken soup has succeeded in warding off the common full-blown winter cold.

If you rely on the Farmer’s Almanac or some quack mail order remedy, or unproven theory, you’ll never hear about it from me. But I can’t ignore those who say: An apple a day will keep the doctor away, especially if you forget or neglect to pay your bill.

Seriously, listen to your family MD and your health provider who ever he or she might be. They know a lot more than you or me or the guy next door.


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