Tuesday, February 02, 2010


If you believe dreams and fantasy are long forgotten memories, perhaps by far more real than reality there is hope for humanity.

If you believe in popcorn clouds and ice cream skies and everybody wins first prize, that blind eyes see and death's a distant memory. If you thrill to fairy tales and dancing whales and honest scales that tell you what you weigh on a given day you'll be okay.

If you believe bugs and bees and monkeys live in trees in a land free of disease and there's no such thing as calories or fattening cheese and that snowflakes float on wintry breeze until they melt and join the seas, then you'll agree we were meant to be.

If you surmise owls are wise, cows who moo tell you their greatest joy is giving milk to girls and boys to sip with plums and sugar cakes, if you know what it takes, bulls and bears to share their lairs, that when chicks clickity clack and ducks quack, quack, they're hungering for a midnight snack, that birds in flight on a moonlit night know why angels cry and bees compose those melodies and symphonies, you'll never want for wealth and luxuries.

There's so much to see, so much to hear, so much that soon will disappear that you should stop and reflect on what you expect will thrill you so. Before it's time to go back to the world we know, let's take a break to remember all our memories and thank the Lord who granted us the right to stay and enjoy this sunny, carefree day.

The nights are long, the wind is strong, the day will dawn as the world goes on long after all of us are gone the trees and flowers will bloom to dispel the gloom, thunder will wonder why it should boom as clouds make room for sun to shine on an earth where gold and money have lost their worth, where stocks and bonds and blue-eyed blonde have lost their charm, where falling down will cause no harm and warring nations all disarm, there’s hope the world will live in peace without the military or police, and brotherhood will rule the earth as well they should.
A wise old Guy who rules On High in the sky knows why it must never again happen to our cherished land. Will He tell us why?


Blogger poonam srivastava said...

That is so beautiful yet not at all sappy. If it were a song it would be "what a wonderful world," by Louis Armstrong. Gorgeous. Thanks.

12:33 PM  
Blogger 逛街 said...

Necessity is the mother of invention..........................

6:35 PM  

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