Saturday, November 28, 2009


Is compassion out of fashion? Is passion wearing thin? Is caring overbearing? Has love lost its lure? To be sure, let’s surmise there’s a prize for the man or woman who can best pass the test of this and other matters of the heart.

Perhaps only fools would get involved in trying to solve these complex emotions that hex sexual relations, regardless of the combinations and the games they play along the way.

Like scrabble, love’s just a lot of words without much meaning. Monopoly’s played with phony money that buys lots of lots and worthless real estate.

The lovers played Scrabble for a spell. The game didn’t go too well. They found love on their board, but the four-letter word did not define what they had in mind. In a word. they were bored by the Scrabble board.

Then they tried Monopoly, trying to buy castles in the sky where they could kiss, do that and this, make love and maybe make a baby.

But as one lover stated to her honey, ‘’You can’t buy baby booties and shoes with Monopoly money.” That shattering news made them blue and they stopped doing what lovers usually do.

Now they go to bed each night, turn out the lights and play solitaire in their underwear.


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