Saturday, November 07, 2009


In the peace that followed World War II the fear soon arose, who will be the first to blow up who with an A-bomb like the one that nearly leveled Tokyo?

So We and They and, eventually those and Them and all the would-be worrying warriors and money hungry industries who wondered, “What’s another war worth to my industry if World War III is meant to be?”

Thus, for all the We’s and They’s and the Wannabees, near and far, big and small, competed in the heated race to conquer space and stockpiled weapons to destroy the human race. But after millions of trillions were spent and events of no worldwide consequent came and went except for inept acts of butchery in the Middle East, Israel and Viet Nam, Korea, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and civil conflagrations in Third World Nations and all sorts of sordid slaughter here, there and everywhere, plus drug cartels, hear tell, are richer than Bill Gates and Arab states.

Peace remains right as rain with hurricanes, tornadoes and with Wall Street lows the whole damn world grows weary of economic woes and who knows what will happen next and what effect it will have on the future of humanity.

So here sits Earth that ain’t worth half of what it was beforeGeorge Bush began to mind the store and Obama took on the chore to restore what GWB and the GOP left right behind.

Yes, the world, and especially the US, are in a stressful mess. But keep the faith. Barack will bring us back.


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just a tip

I am a big fan of you, its really inspiring to see old people adapting new technology like you. As for me being an internetnerd one thing I think is missing in this global community is the senior members, who have, as you prove yourself alot to contribute with. As you talk about GWB, I can say that this side of the atlantic agree, at least 95 % of the population.

I ran on to this blog. Bo brundin A 72 years old guy who's trying to buy back he's youth from the 60ies. He was living in Manhattan back then, trying to be an actor (which he also became! ) 

Now he collected 25 out of 42 items. pretty good I think.   homepage, under bolog you'll find he's blog a funny youtubeclip and a proof of he's skills

anyhow, keep up the good work!


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