Tuesday, October 20, 2009


According to the RepubliCANTS, the Blue Dog blog antsypants Democrats and the nitwIt, shull of fit pundits predicted it would take at least four years to get the nation back in gear.

But in less time than it would take the GOP to sink in their red ink slime, the nation under President Obama, it appears, the
recession is over and that’s giving the Bush bandits FITS and SHEARS.

The Dow, somehow, is doing better now. The GOP, on Dumb Dumbya’s watch, hardly ever managed to raise Dow Jones a
notable notch.

Meanwhile, as is its style, the GOP under GWB. continued to botch the failing economy with Hooveristic incompetency.
The Crash of ‘29 suited the money mongers simply fine.

It’s said that shortly before the crash, Grand Daddy Bush and his kin turned their stocks and bonds into cash and became instant multi-millionaires. Did they have the inside track on what was cooking as the Dirty Thirties loomed and th uninformed were doomed to go from boom to bust?

It’s too late to investigate what happened then when manipulators in the know could win a poke while the world was going broke.

Few knew about the illegality behind the legacy that, hopefully, ended with the defeat of the GOP and the notorious, vainglorious, infamous shameful Bush misadministration.

Let GOP politics of the past be the last we will see from now until eternity, It's time voters realize crooks cooking books endanger democracy, threaten the economy, are costly to taxpayers who foot the bill of typical hypocritical political servants who serve themselves unselfishly, then scatter crumbs to folks like you and me.


We, defenders of the GOP, shall be critical of any proposition the opposition proposes, right or wrong. We'll lie and cheat to beat the enemy and get the vote at any cost. But if it looks like we've lost we'll resort to any sort of trickery to win illegally like we did twice before successfully.

We will prevail. We will not fail. But if we do, who will bail us out of the D.C. jail?

If we destroy the USA, that's OK, as long as we win on Election Day.


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