Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Must we fight for civil rights all over again? Must a land that’s free for me but not for you wage war anew to prove
dedication to democracy? Does a man who’s not like me, elected overwhelmingly to the presidency, have to prove by his intensity, his immense intelligence and not so common, common sense, his dedication to the cause of liberty?

President Obama’s black. The majority’s white. That does not make Them or We wrong or right. The one who tries, never lies, defies the odds and comes up winning---he’s the man the USA needed from the beginning. Not for short-term change, rearrangement of the same old same, but step by step and leap by leap measures to keep America on the right track. Forget about ethnicity. Does he or she have the right education, intelligence and intense dedication to the job at hand? These are qualities we must demand of one who leads our land to greater glory.

President Obama has all these qualities and many more. In office less than a year, faced with the failures of his predecessor, he has scored history-making victories.

He now is striving to improve the wealth and health of our nation, destroyed or ignored by the Bush administration. He walks the walks, talks the talks, and if given the chance, will enhance and advance the cause of democracy in the USA and
hopefully, internationally.

Barack Obama, born in the USA, has the capacity, tenacity and dedication to save this nation from the devastation of the last eight years. There in lie the fears we need not face today.

But our democracy could be threatened by the hypocrisy of politicians who live by lies, voter predictions and. most of all, their reelections. That and inciting false fears in voters in a time of uncertainty.

Some parents will try to prevent their children from listening to the President’s address. God bless those who don’t fall for this latest GOP distortion of reality and won’t deny their children the opportunity to be inspired by the President’s wisdom and sincerity.

Republicans aren’t so bright or they’d know their attempt at censorship is Hitlerite and Communistic to the max.
If they ever get the power back they‘ll sack every democratic right America had to fight to protect.

Let’s hope Americans don’t forget this Nazi-style denial, this trial balloon of the GOP goons to see how far they can go to buffalo the hate-motivated population of a troubled nation.


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