Sunday, August 30, 2009


The Republicans miss the boat almost every time they vote to sink the ship of state by opposing nation-saving legislation from potential ruination. The action of this distraction is no reflection on the GOPs mentality. They know exactly what they’re trying to do: screw the USA to pave the way to victory and destroy President Obama’s legacy.

Their contempt for Democrats reflects their lack of common sense, dollars and cents and current events. All they’re concerned about is returning to Pennsylvania Avenue.

The history of their complicity with idiocy dates back at least to FDR when they opposed Social Security as a socialist ploy to destroy democracy. They were wrong!

They fought Medicare and Medicaid, trying to make America afraid these programs were a socialistic plot. Obviously, they were not. Republicans were wrong again.

Every time the Democrats try to hejp the working class, the middle class, the poor and insecure, the GOP spouts the same old poppycock.

Now the GOP is raising a storm about health reform. The Republicans refuse to concede the left is right. All they hope to do is send President Obama to his Waterloo

It’s about time voters reject this shlock, part of the Republican stock in trade, designed to make voters afraid. How long will the gullible string along with the GOP---WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!


Anonymous dany said...

The triumph of the right wingers is how they have managed to manipulate poor and middle class people to vote against their own interests. It's especially galling to see senior citizens, collecting their Social Security checks and Medicare, protesting against "socialism." They need a reality check.

11:53 AM  

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