Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I awoke last night and to my delight something was happening in my pajama pants. Two passionate ants were having insect sex like I’d never seen or felt before. Suddenly, my thighs---to my surprise---exploded with a windy roar that flew out my fly and the sexy ants kept right on with their romance, not missing a beat as they flopped at my feet.

They rolled over and over in a spasm of orgasm until they reached my fly, slid right in and began a second go-go-go on my gonads that drove me mad with ecstasy and fired my desire to join the orgy on my anatomy.

From everywhere on my bod from head to toe and all my hair in between, the romancing dancing scene could be seen but not an inch of me was exposed because the romancing ants completely covered my anatomy.

Then I heard this music pouring from my pores, my nose and ears, my eyes and between my thighs both front and rear.

I saw a crowd of aquatic ants skinny dipping in my commode, slipping and dripping in sheer delight. The sight of naked ants drove me mad. I stripped and dove into the bowl as ants screamed and scrammed as they saw my head get stuck in toilet water. Rescue crews rushed to flush me free but no luck. I drowned in water up to my ears and eyes.

When I got to the Heaven Seven Eleven I read all the news in the local paper about my caper down on Earth. For what it’s worth, I want you to know I’m a hero romeo in insect Heaven where all the angel ants can’t wait for a chance to romance with me.


OpenID thesixthseason said...

Don't dare comment upon the topic, the ride was sure fun! Unique form of poetry is an understatement. I love it.

10:14 PM  

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