Thursday, July 30, 2009


Was Rod Serling right? With the sterling quality of his mind was he trying to tell the world there is a way to change what is meant to be? The unanticipated fates of the the future, based on mistakes of the past, can be avoided if forces in control alter their course before the results already have occurred.

But in spite of what is or is not done, the time will come when the world will die. Everything and everyone will be blown to Kingdom Come. Some will wonder, some will be struck dumb and numb, fatalists will welcome the unanticipated event, the majority will plea to God and/or Rod to change the rules before or after the game has begun or is nearly done.

Rod Serling knew and tried to warn the world, an indirect prediction cloaked in science fiction, that this universe would end unless we were willing to mend our killing ways.

Rod Serling, like Bible warnings of Armageddon, feared the End of Days would soon be here. But it is not too late to at least delay fate and avoid terrors caused by the errors of our ways.

Unless action is taken, unless there is an awakening here and now, somehow, all humanity is forsaken. We and They are living in the Twilight Zone of our own making, financially, militarily, medically and morally.

The world is aching for a remaking of its laws and legislation, in nations where the downtrodden and oppressed are dying of starvation and lack of medication, where the poor, the insecure, victims of a potentially fatal disease who are not insured cannot be cured, where millions are killed in wars and jails are filled with guiltless victims of petty crimes, where theft of a loaf of bread, a piece of meat, a bit of fish can make an impoverished peasant wish he were dead.

These lost souls exist in a different kind of Twilight Zone, alone, no home or life to call their own. But their misery’s not a fiction fantasy. They are real in a zone from which there’s no escape.

Most were born in the Poverty Zone and lone way out is to die. Why?


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