Sunday, July 26, 2009


How many stars are in the sky? How did they get there? What are they for? Is there room for more? Will there ever be a moon? A month named June and Honeymoons?

Although the Bible credits God for this incredible creation, as a skeptic, I refuse to accept speculation and want to know what is so is so and who says so.

How did God get the rocks and earth and other basic building blocks from somewhere to here and there and everywhere in an up high empty sky without the aid of construction crews? How did He determine the location of every constellation in so vast a construction site in the middle of the night when there was no illumination to read construction instructions?

Who supervised the shipment of all the heavy equipment that hadn’t yet been invented? And what about the basic costs, the budgets and the overruns. the unanticipated snafus, expensive tools lost when dropped in space which are costly to replace?

Were there rules and regulations, building codes and loads of inspections to determine corrections in the plan unanticipated when the project began?

The Biblical story of God’s empirical miracle, although absolutely illogical, made sense in those ancient times when nickels and dimes didn’t exist and an assist from the authors of The Book was all it took to speed creation on its way.

For despite occasional interruptions and slowdowns in construction, production was ahead of sked. When the sixth day end drew near what never was somehow was there now.

The celebration of God’s creation of the universe and, particularly of Planet Earth, must have been a phenominal event even though there was no-one present to cheer because God had not yet created Adam and Eve who created Cain and Abel to fill the empty seats at the dinner table, lending credence to the fable of the First Family that was yet to be.

At the outset of this speculation about creation of the universe, I expressed doubt about how it could be done even by someone as able, as capable as the solely wholly Holy One.

I speculated how could the Lord choose construction crews as assistants when man and beast were nonexistent, to be created at a later date if God agreed there was a need.

What about equipment even God could not, as a matter of fact, fabricate what He could only surmise, visualize and theorize. There were no factories, no steel, no wheels or super, high grade lead free fuel. 0nly a fool would discover oil to turn into gasoline for machines like Henry Ford’s Model T, the modern creation that revolutionized transportation and made feet obsolete?

I’ve come to the conclusion my infusion stems from anillusions that what God conceived cannot be believed until what has been created has been validated.

The answer will not be found In the stars but in what I can touch and/or see, taste and/or smell, accept and/ or reject or any other and/or explored. What remains to be seen is not on my scene screen and it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

Skeptic will be my schtick until I die and even when I pass away I’ll refuse to go until it’s proven to me that it is so. When I get to the Other Side, assuming another Other Side there be, I’ll know what’s so and what’s so-so.


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