Monday, July 13, 2009


Is uncomplicated unadulterated, XXXrated adult sex replacing old fashioned passion as the brand new rational substitution sollution for dating, mating, loving or hating and communicating?

Are traditional marriage vows out of style or will they return in a while when lovers learn there’s more than one way to get burned.

When the flames of mutual attraction and simultaneous instantaneous satisfaction go kaput you’ve got to put the fire out. And that can be a hot potato for a lover guy and his no longer green tomato when the flame is turned to low and chills for lack will and fading thril.

A promise of true love stipulated in the marriage vow is antiquated and should be promptly expurgated. To base a promise of life-long longevity on “love, honor a d obey until I die” is a lie that can lead to trouble with the burst of the marriage bubble.

What seems so right in the darkness of night sometimes fades in the reality of a bright new day.


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