Wednesday, June 24, 2009


When it comes to Hollywood’s bottom line, forget integrity, quality or morality, whether the flick’s sick, good, bad, sad or funny. The bottom line : Show Me The Money!

Producers, excusers and losers jack up the juice, play it loose, abuse the viewer’s intelligence and sense of right and wrong. They assume the critics will go along with press releases and at least quote bits and pieces of phony praise to fool the fans and ignore the pans and honest reviews that come right out and say, “I think this movie stinks!".
When the movie moguls realize, to their surprise, they’ve invested millions in shiece of pit they’ll say and do most anything to bring in the ding-a-lings and convince them this flop is a first class hit.

It won’t be the first or last time Hollywood has gypped the nation, warning censorship and freedom of expression will be the next effects of the current recession/depression.

Hollywood flips and flops, pulls out all the stops to cop top reviews, to dominate the social news to please the indiscreet movie buffs. Enough’s enough!

Theaters are already replete with subjects too offensive to mention. To call attention by name the infamous films filling the tarnished silver screen would be obscene. The saps who fell into the trap and are addicted by such crap?

The situation sucks. Without Schmuck Bucks Hollywood would be outa luck.


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