Thursday, June 04, 2009


Consider the mystey and history of Buzzy Bee who survived a wing slap attack from Fifi the Flea, was saved while asleep on a burning spare tiire, escaped from a spray by exterminater Barney Schwartzbeggar. Then Buzzy fell in a sewer, got stuck on a skewer and had a fast repast with a thief and the chief of police.

At last report, Buzzy was hot to consort with Fifi who once knocked him out enroute to make out with the wing flapper who disabled his sting thing temporarily.

When Fifi found out Buzzy was only bruied and was up and about she wanted another chance to knock Buzzy out. Opportunity came when a promoter signed the bee and the flea for a do-or-die fight, one fall take all the following Fall at Mawlers Mall just down the hall from a pile ol cured manure.

The night of the fight the crowd was light because who shave a git if a Killer Bee stung Fifi Flea or versa vice. A double killing would be kinda nice. As it all turned out they were both knocked out when Buzzy tripped and fell at starting bell and plopped on top of Fifi the flra. The fight ceased, the flea was deceased and the crowd of three criied "We wuz fleeced!"

The nurse and the guy who drove the hearse stole their share of the purse. Fifi was crushed to mush but otherwise was none the worse for wear. Buzzy, an ounce overweight, was disqualified and given the gate but not his share of The Gate which came to a dollar eight after a ten cent expense to clean the matt of the splat stain of Fifi's remains.

**********EDITOR'S NOTE: The wing slapping flea changed her name from Floozie to Fifi? Why did she do it? Don't ask me. Ask Fifi.


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