Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Why'd the GOP lose big time? Choose your favorite crime and I'll choose mine. Add nine or ten then add again. The Republicans committed them all and that's what led to the fall of the Bush die-nasty.

Let's start with the war we couldn't win. Bush got us in with lies that led to the death of thousands of GIs, hundreds of allies and innocent Iraqis, too many to count, but a great amount, that we know.

As we spent trillions on tools of war our deficit grew and the life we knew flew the coop and soon our economy was in the soup. The Bush regime seemed to think we needed to sacrifice our democratic laws because they aided the enemy. So they trashed the Constitution as a solution.

Laws were violated by Bush and company to defend us from terrorists. Dick Cheney and cohorts authorized torture of the enemy which didn't work. First the jerk denied it, then admitted they tried it and Bush lied and tried to hide it.

Dubya, the arrogant, incompetent selected president, invented wild excuses to justify abuses. He insisted he could legally disobey laws he had signed simply because he was the Commander in Grief or Thief or Grief/Thief/Chief, whatever.

Prisoners were kept in jail without bail even though the government failed to charge them with any crime worth a dime,.

Subpoenas issued were ignored by those in command and word got out without a doubt that underlings could do the same. The Bush cronies were all a bunch of high paid phonies on the dole of an administration out of control, playing a game of coverup while doing what they pleased as long as they appeased the wishes of the man in power.

Voters, fed up by the feds, said a new administration was needed that heeded the word of law. They saw in Barack Obama, a man they could trust, who would be just and would not lie. And that is why he got their vote. President Obama is the new face in the right place moving at a fast pace to correct the mistakes of the Bush disgrace.


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