Friday, May 29, 2009


Some who occupy Earth deny its worth. Others not so dumb or numb of mind fear the end is near. They think our world is on the brink and soon will sink into the sea from whence it all began long before the Age of Man.

All was planned for the Great Revival of the children of Mother Earth. The birds, the bees, the flowers and trees, those with two feet and those with more and those who have none who are forced to crawl in the noonday sun. Will they join in the celebration of God's greatest experiment, Earth and all life on it, all life in it, all around, underground and in the sky where birds, buzzards and airplanes fly?

A delegation of angels and famous souls of history, believers of every stripe and many types to share their contribution to evolution and dedication to creation with the wise who realize the two are compatible, in the know and raring to go. Will they complete their task? Will they cope with the hope of ending the generating of wasted energy of clergy and the laity, the faithful and the faithless and pray they agree to no longer use hostility to demonstrate their ability to rewrite history already documented Biblically?

While not a hate-based debate, the dispute separates heretics and skeptics whose misconceptions can and do lead to bloody war where thousands die and casualties go sky high and basic issues are unresolved.

Are all the living creatures on Earth, all inventions and good intentions conceived by Man with the help of God's right hand, all the land and greenery, all sun rises and scenery, all sunsets that let light rest at night, all stars that sparkle dusk till dawn, a moon that glows when the sun is gone--will all this fade just because laws God made were disobeyed? Or will there be one last chance to make amends, to forestall all that God intends to do to end the Miracle we all call Earth?


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