Sunday, May 03, 2009


Many GO-PEE-ERS crying in their beers wonder woefully where their party's going. They deny they were sent by the stupidest president ever selected who couldn't be elected. They knew it and refuse to admit they blew it. The overriding reason why? You and I and They know, too. Guess who!

The GOP Flops (notice how the two words rhyme?) deny they were wrong to string along with the political jungle bungler, the senseless incompetent so dense he couldn't see the Bushes hiding behind the trees.

The RepubliCANTS lost their pants on a liar in and from a state of denial. It worked for awhile but now they're on trial by the Court of Last Resort. The jury verdict's sure to be they're done, the Democrats won. The "Party of No" should go, get outa here so the show can be run by a pro.

Dumbya took the nation from inflation to recession and to the precipice of depression. Now's the time to sign a confession their demise was caused by lies and hippocratic politics. One must wonder, what was their intention? Their attempt to defy Constitutional convention? Bush's violation of legislation he signed to protect the nation against foreign intervention? His action sanctifying blatant violation of laws just because he is powerful, he is strong and, as president, he can do no wrong,

Let's hope the dope's now resigned to a longTexass vacation guzzling his booze in moderation.


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