Friday, April 10, 2009


It will take more time than it takes to count one-two-three to correct the mess that no account Bush pushed through during his eight fateful years as the illegal president of the USA.

It will take his duly elected successor, Barack Obama, a man of extreme intelligence and uncommon common sense, time to right the wrongs of that ding-dong resident ex-president. But since democracy's at the core, more or less, of our political process, I can only theorize on what might be a wiser way to run a business as big as the USA.

This nation should be turned into a profit making, competent corporation, free from political manipulation, with consideration for all members of its population. To do that job you must have a well qualified CEO, with a sound background and both feet on the ground, who's in the know. That's the way to go. That won't be easy when the voters decide who to hire, who to fire and fall for the line of a smooth talking liar. But it could be done.

Evaluation of past success and education should be the best way to make decisions of who should fill executive positions. It's how to build a safe and sound administration.

Loaning big bucks and trusting to luck things work out OK is not the way to play the same old game. Get rid of high pay tryouts who didn't work out or were no damn good. But don't trash factory workers laid off just to cut cash expense. That makes no sense. When things turn around, they or their replacements might be nowhere to be found.

Whether business or politics, keep your eye on the bottom line. Then you will never be left behind.


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