Tuesday, March 10, 2009


When will We the People open our eyes and hearts and start to realize that war's not smart and killing's wrong and one happy song is worth a thousand tears. Fear will disappear, replaced by cheer and celebration as nations turn expectancy into reality and a vitality will inspire new desires for lasting peace throughout the land.

There will no longer be rule by dynasty or inherited legacy, by kings or queens demanding loyalty to royalty or by misfits unfit for tasks they have been assigned by happenstance of history. Only one superiority will be recognized and prized among the minority. Talent, common sense and intelligence, byproducts of inheritance, based not on health or wealth, but on gifts dormant in the body's DNA. At conception a mixture of thousands of parental genes influence what we will be genetically in years to come.

What determines DNA? Who can say? It emerges in a special way. A couple creates a child who, from the instant of conception harbors a dream to create a work of art that will startle and bring fame and acclaim to the family name. While one offspring will bring pride and joy another offspring from, the same couple will turn to crime and spend time behind prison bars locked in wars raging within his mind.

Which kind of human will emerge? One with urge to serve humanity, next a mild, well mannered child who in his troubled youth will explode in a burst of killing fury and will shock a jude and jury with his hate, and hostility and inability to adjust to a civilized society.

What does this all mean? Is the future hidden in our genes?


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