Sunday, February 08, 2009


The Republicans will pay any price, will stoop to any destructive device, to sell America short. If they can win back the White House and reinstate a Mickey Mouse president and a YES-YES-YES Congress, they'll try it and the terrorists and our enemie will buy it.

The forces of defeat view the Democratic sweep as a one-way street with no U-turns allowed. They're out to convince the crowd they're down but they're not out and that, by any roundabout way they can command, they'll get another Republican back in control. That's their only goal.

And remember this: Republicans are no lovers of recovery. Making trouble and causing bubbles, that's their cup of tea.

The GOP, body and soul, is beholden to big business and the oil industry and they'll serve them well if the U. S. economy goes to hell. And the best way to decimate it is to legislate its demise by opposing legislation no matter how wise it may be. They'll oppose, the economic pros and those with common sense that know and fear depression will grow worse year by year if nothing's done to stem the slide and end the ride ever faster to disaster that the Arab sheiks seek.

Thus, by opposing legislation that will make this nation strong, the GOP may send Barack packing, lacking the support he craves to save his country from the rack and ruin that the Republican screwin' is doin' to democracy and the U. S. A.

* * * * *

Just one last thought you ought to keep in mind. The Right finds ways to do things wrong. That's what makes them strong. If we go along, we'll grow weaker week by week and year by year and, I fear, they'll win again.


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