Monday, January 26, 2009


What can a guy do when he's; having doo-doo and has to sneeze? With brand new false teeth in his wide open mouth he did: ACHEW! ACHEW! right into the yellow brew and brown and wavy spuds and gravy----all mixed up with the floating partials, cost five hundred bucks and they were made not by the dentist but by his untrained apprentice.

So what to do? He tried to fish the falsies out with rod and reel and caught an eel, then an orphan goldfish sloshing by, a frog or two, a dog's doodoo, but the floating teeth kept slipping through.

He called his lover, Cindy Lou. She'd know what to do. She refused to put her hands in the swirling mess, but bless her soul, she took off her shoe and snared the partial with a talented toe.

He took her out to dinner that night. She ate with gusto and delight; He sniffed his upper lip. The smell would not go away. He did not have a bite that night.


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