Monday, December 29, 2008


Because Congress made the laws the members who voted "Yea!" must obey. Many who voted "Nay!" may change their mind in an act of solidarity. When the bill, at last, is passed, to defy it is a crime, big time.

Corruption should be a capital crime, punishable by hefty fine and time in a federal pen tough enough so the guy/gal will think twice times two for ever doing it again. And let the sentence be determined by a hard nosed judge or a jury who won't be budged to pardon the perp.

Justice must not just apply to you and me and all law abiding citizenry. Even the powerful who flaunt the court and break the law and steal and cheat and beat the rap are just saps when they get done and no one is there where they'll be for a hot eternity without a friend in the end.

In many past administrations those who violated laws and resolutions and even the Constitution, the courts ignored or over-ruled on appeal. Even high officials, from presidents on down to small town cheaters must pay their dues when they lose. A true democracy cannot afford or long endure when backroom deals are made and the rule of law is ignored. When opportunists realize our freedom is on sale, they won't fail to grab their piece of the PUNKIN pie.

The point is this. We cannot miss the opportunity to prosecute violators of the law to profit financially and politically under the slipshod stewardship of an incompetent president. Once George W. Bush, the all time, big time liar/denier is out of office he must be put on trial. He and his ilk have milked America long enough.


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