Friday, November 28, 2008


Faced with the Bush disgrace and all its past and present sins, so many losses, so few wins, trillions spent, every cent---for WHAT? A Band of Bad Men with blood on their hands and ice in their hearts, commanded by an incompetent president intent on destroying himself, the Constitution and all it has meant until his insane reign. Bush and his twisted mind are the only legacy he can leave behind.

Will Barack Obama find a solution to this quagmire of political pollution?

Our president-elect, fearing the nation he revered was endangered by a stranger of democracy, a master of hypocrisy, he knew there was much he and supporters of his presidency must do to right the wrong and make America strong again. That is why he chose to run for president.

Obama looks ahead and anticipates a reborn land of law and order, where peace prevails from border to border. He views a land imbued with increased jobs and limitless opportunities. He foresees a future bright, shining in the light of a brand new day.

Obama knows all damage cannot be undone during his first call as president. He knows the nation and world he craves to save is paved with highways of unforeseen consequences and hostile foreign events. He stands ready to face facts and acts of war along the road to good and brotherhood.

Obama is confident peace and prosperity will be won, hopefully, not at the point of a gun, but by negotiated compromise only the wise can devise. He will do what must be done with the forces of peace and pride at his side.

This will transpire when men of war in search of peace act not as police, but will speak as one voice in defense of common sense and shared caring and experience.

When seas turn red and there are endless dead and words of love are said and acted upon, will war be gone for evermore?


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