Saturday, November 08, 2008


I close my eyes for a moment's rest and am awakened by a chorus of more than a thousand ecstatic chanting, cheering voices, a multitude of resounding, palm pounding happy, clapping hands, whistles of encouragement and approval of the mantra of an echoing affirmation:"CHANGE! CHANGE! YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!"

This affirmation of hope and dedication captures the dream and imagination of a troubled nation and the universe, aware the Mid East curse of catastrophe lurks in wait to destroy humanity and civilization. Can oceans of tears drown the fears, reverse and erase eight years of incompetence and negligence? Can courage and common sense, intelligence, dedication and determination take us to our destination, one land of freedom and opportunity for all who wish to be a part of a reawakened world community?

This is what awaits those who listened to the debates between the two candidates and Obama's intent when he become president.

The Obama Drama did not begin on Election Eve. Barack's plan began, many believe, when he decided "YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!" He knew then and he knows now how to undo what George W. Bush did to push this nation into war with Iraq.

I have never met the man we owe our freedom to. But if I ever do, I'm telling you. I'll be proven right. Obama has the fight and fortitude, dedication and determination to win victory, whether it be militarily or through diplomacy.

When need is great and the weight of uncertainty clouds our fate, a leader always arises to come to our rescue. There was FDR to turn around our deep depression and lead us to aggression to defeat Hitler's insanity and threat to all humanity.

After Germany's defeat, Japan turned up the heat to extend the war until millions more would die. But science paved the way, Atom-Bombs saved the day and Peace and recovery returned the world to normalcy. Unfortunately, it took President Truman to bring the Japanese to their knees. Eventually, Germany and Japan abandoned their aggressive ways and embraced democracy.

Now Barack Obama, president-elect, pledges to end the illegal war started by a defiant, incompetent president. After more than four thousand GIs dead, thousands more wounded and/or disabled, Obama vows to end that war as quickly as he's able.

Again and again, American heroes arise to save the USA. Sometimes by war, sometimes by diplomacy, always in the cause of democracy and humanity.

This is where we stand right now. How and when it will end no one can tell, but until both they and we agree all war is hell it wll go on endlessly.


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