Sunday, October 12, 2008


John McCain is a profane indellible stain on the good name of America. He is a pimple pure and simple on the lips of American politics. True, he served democracy as a prisoner of war, but he left that reputation far behind when his mind and patriotism became twisted by the tight fisted bigotry and lack of integrity of the Republican Party.
For a brief time while he was ahead he displyed a phony sense of dignity and integrity. But as soon as the awareness of Obama's intelligence, decency and honesty shone through, McCajn weakened in the polls and desperation stepped in. The McCain campaign abandoned its political appearance of fair play. The more he played the blame game the weaker his following became.

When the dirty politic failed, McCain curtailed his attack on Barack. But it was too late. The hate and desperation proved McCain for what he is: a poliician who will do anything to win.

The Democrats played it cool and correct. The Flip-Flop took reverse effect. They snorted, booed the man they once supported. When the McCain troops booed, McCain knew he had screwed himself. Some of his faithful now won't vote. Some might back Barack.

As for Sarah Palin? Just one more resom McCain is failin'!


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