Monday, September 29, 2008


Greed feeds the market frenzy, What this country needs is a government friendly to tax paying consumers who have become unwitting victims of rumors of a sudden crash. Unless they act practically, tactfully, willfully and skillfully, Wall Street will drive the nation down a one-way road to long range devastation.

Investors want to know their wealth will grow if corporations show responsibility and demonstrate the ability to see warning signs of sharp declines in profitability. The CEOs must not let the crisis grow while they secretly raid the treasury of gains that rightfully belong to shareholders, co-owners of the company.

Big biz has rigged the economy long enough. Congress, and the president, have not been tough on corporate crime. They looked the other way while execs wrecked the economy and skimmed the profit constantly.

What happened to the Enron cons who sucked their corporations dry? A few low level devils went to jail after months free on bail. Eventually they did their time, paid small fines, rejoined society. that make conviction of their crimes worthwhile. They'll retire in style on what they stole "legally" while piling up their slush fund earned from a corrupt, rigged bankruptcy,

The Enron robbery is cited here because it demonstrates the straits our United States can get into when Republicans rule totally and ignore legislation that's intended to end violation of GOP sanctioned chicanery.
Hopefully, the Democrats will put an end to that.



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