Thursday, September 18, 2008


It's idiotic to assume a politician's patriotic just because he wears the flag on his lapel. The colors red, white and blue are not the only true testimony of loyalty and dedication to the nation of his birth. .The character and integrity he displays reveal his zeal more than a plastic pin he seldom wears.
A pin on his coat might get him an extra vote or two, but it wouldn't suit Obama's style. His humanity, his sanity, his lack of guile and duplicity, are greater proof of loyalty than a simple pin could ever be.

Obviously, Obama takes his candidacy seriously. His speeches are not filled with empty Bush/McCain cliches. But his oratory alone didn't get him to where he is today. It's the quality people see in Barack that keeps them coming back. What he lacks in experience he makes up in common sense and judgment.

Obama is a treasure beyond measure, wiser than Bush/McCain could ever be. He opposed sending GIs to Iraq to die in a war based on lies by you-know-who. He supports science, education and lots of other legislation most politicos oppose. He knows what's good in every way for his neighbors in the USA,

Recently Bush/McCain and the Brains behind the GOP picked Sarah Palin as John's running mate. Think that's great, that her smile and good looks might tip the scales in McCain's favor? Maybe so. But McCain has suffered repeated bouts of cancer. It's unpleasant but it must be said.

If McCain wins and dies in office or becomes disabled who's next in line? Sarah, less qualified and least experienced to be our president than any other candidate. Could she serve as Commander in Chief? Good grief! The military decisions she might make? Gimmee a break! Negotiate the peace?. Make final determinations on inflation, depression, recession? Use a little imagination, then decide. Is Sarah qualified?
AFTER THOUGHT: What have we got with McCain/Bush/Palin running the show? Red ink. Red GI blood running in the street. Higher prices. More Republican debt, much worse than taxes, you can bet! A trillion here, a trillion there. How are we going to pay? Mortgage away the U. S. A.


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You always tell it like it is and I couldn't agree more. Thanks for a great post!

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