Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Obama did good as we knew he would. He always tips the scales in his party's favor. He will lead his country back to the leadership where it must be. He will govern with good judgment, intelligence and common sense.

Selection of Joe Biden will help bring perfection to his election campaign against John McPain. Joe will certainly widen the winning margin, hopefully to landslide proportions. As a team, they'll be hard to beat. Their combined experience, talent and intelligence make them qualified to excel in any situation.

Biden widens their field of expertise. Joe has the experience opponents argue Barack lacks. Although Obama's a relative beginner on the national scene, he's a winner wise in many ways and it shines through in how he campaigns against McPain.

As it is and should be, they don't agree on everything and that is good. They will listen and learn from each other and from views of advisers chosen, not because they're frozen on one point of view. but because they listen and are listened to. No more will they shrink away from stating what they think for fear the president won't agree. That's the way it was for many a year. It won't happen that way here.

Critical decisions must be made to repair the damage Bush has done to the security of democracy and how he has weakened the Constitution and every government institution. The Obama-Biden team will always represent We The People of the U, S. A.

The Bush way was undemocratic, unpatriotic and idiotic.


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