Friday, August 22, 2008


After all the pain and turmoil, a phony war to steal Iraq's oil, fueled by lies, men cruel and smart but far from wise devised a way to win the prize---oil that blinds the eyes to a greater worth, the future of all life on Earth.

The warmonger theory worked beautifully. Fill people's hearts with fear and dread, the gullible will unwittingly underwrite thousands dead to prevent terror and preserve the peace. But we were never told, it was all about the greatest gift since days of old---BLACK GOLD!

The powers behind these twisted minds created a myth. Iraq's loaded with WMDs and, yes, long range rockets that can reach the U, S. with atom war heads, propagandists said. That's enough to freeze the heart, seize the soul, control the mind and render logical senses blind.

Fabricated lies designed to save democracy and pave the road to war, created a frenzy to attack a non-existent enemy. With terror erupting everywhere it was easy to scare a nation out of its complacency. Most Americans were sold, and by the time they learned the goal was black gold, it was too late to turn our back on the war we created in Iraq.

We face a vital presidential election. The Republican speaks words of war. The Democrat seeks to preserve our peace. It's up to us to choose. Do we want to end a winless war and bring our forces home? So far four thousand plus of us are dead, thousand more, wounded, maimed for life, have naught but pain and disability in their future, endlessly, Most of the world hates the U. S. A. since the day this war began.

The man running as a Republican will continue the war until we win and, who knows, when another war will begin? There's no doubt, Iraqis want us out. Most Americans want to go. The GOP says "Nol!"

It's up to you. It's up to me. It's up to all who love Democracy. Take note: BE SURE TO VOTE ELECTION DAY!


Blogger Sylvia K said...

You always tell it like it is! And I am voting!

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