Monday, July 21, 2008


Fantasy is reality for those who deny fatality is the end of everything . It's pleasure and pain, snow, wind and rain, heat that greets a summer day, memories good and bad, sad and glad that never go away, even when we die. There is that possibility.

Who's to say what dwells in the infant mind. Perhaps the first reality is the need to feed. The natural act of suction needs no instruction. The mother's production of the fundamental essentials turns a lump of clay into what it is today. Along the way, does fantasy become reality? How could we from nothing become a living, breathing, teething, yearning, learning member of the society of family?

The whole process of creation defies explanation when you wonder how it all began. In the beginning there was Man. But how can Man create a mate to help him substantiate the theory of creativity? The Bible says its so. But is not the Bible in reality a fantasy? If you believe in heaven and hell, is that not fantasy? If you believe God is no fraud, that the Garden of Eden really was, that there was Noah and the Ark, that once the sky was dark, that a power greater than Con Edison turned on the moon and sun, then you have no doubt that what shines out there is, in reality, reality.

Life' a mystery. It has no living history. Theory could be fantasies or reality. Nobody knows. So it goes. If nothing's false and nothing's true and me and you and the whole true blue never were and never are because it just can't be unless you believe in fantasy.


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