Sunday, June 22, 2008


Weather---whether you like it or you do not, as everybody knows, as the wind blows and pollen tickles your nose you realize seasons come and go. Weather changes a lot. Sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's cold. Some days are worth their weight in gold. Some months it rains, some months it snows. So it goes.

Winter, summer, spring and fall, Molther Nature makes the call. She consults with God. He gives a nod, says, "Go, girl, go." The next day snow covers the town, keeps coming down.

Mother Nature frets: "How long can this go on? Make it stop. It'll kill the crop. When it gets hot it will turn into a slushy slop. The cop can't make the cars go slow. They slide and flip from side to side on their crazy winter ride."

Winter, summer, spring or fall, Mother Nature's makes the call. But first she talks to God On High. He tells her why it should be hot in July. 'So folks will remember in December how nice it is to have no snow and ice and walk around in shorts and tights and stay out late at night watching lightening bugs light up the sky.

Meanwhile, back on our planet, Janet, with aches and pains, predicts rains and quakes and a plague of snakes with belly aches, When Big Blow Joe, who ought to know, stubs his big left toe tornadoes are about to strike. When he stubs his right toe bedbugs will bite you while you sleep tight.

Worried about hurricanes and tropical rains? Ask Insane Jane who has water on the brain. She drains, her mind every night, wets her bed, sleeps with a puddly pillow under her head. And there's Stew who does doo-doo to make dew bare ass in the grass. More on Stew tomorrow night.

Stay tuned. Have a nice night.


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