Wednesday, June 04, 2008


The game to choose the candidate for president is a wise exercise in grassroots democracy. Wannabes who want to be president present their case in the debate race in the best place to show their face--- the TV parade where facts are displayed and decisions are made.

Through give and take they make their case. They try it. Will the voter buy it? To determine who is most presidential it's essential that we learn even the most elemental facts that qualify the gal or guy to become our Chief of State,. The debate helps evaluate who will be the candidate.

The more she/he scores in every category the closer they get to tell their story in the major event as they represent their party as candidate for president. Most essential, the candidate must look, speak and act presidential.

Of course, we and the pundits must agree on who is more electable and respectable. Their height and weight also matter. Who would trust a short, fat slob to do the job? Would you? Of course, the color of tie tiey they wear and how they comb their hair help the voters compare the qualities of the he's and she's on display on a given day. And do they wear the flag on their lapel? Who cares? Do you?.

Health, wealth and vitality are qualities we consider seriously. The nominee must be a skilled orator. A bore will never score if there's any doubt what he/she's talking about. Their voice must be commanding, not demanding; exciting, not back-biting; erudite, not trite.

All these factors must be weighed. That's how the game of campaign politics is played. That is. when you're selecting the nominee for president. But when it comes to choosing the Veep the thing to keep in mind is, will he/she,. by dint of home state and party weight help the candidate?

One wonders, is the vice president qualified to take command if something happens to demand he/she assume the responsibility in moments of critical need? Though fully qualified the vice president may not be, he/she is a heart beat away from the presidency. Shouldn't the V.P. undergo the same scrutiny as the Commander in Chief if an unanticipated event sidelines the president?


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