Sunday, May 18, 2008


Tom Cat caught a rat and was about to take a bite when the rodent cried out in fright;

"Please, Mr Cat, I beseech thee, don't eat me! If you were I and I were you what would I do? I'd wonder, do you have a family that would grieve if you should leave your wife and kids to satisfy my appetite? If you I ate I would create great sorrow when your family awoke tomorrow and you were not there. It's unfair that cats, to sate their greed, feed on rats."

Tom Cat thought about the rat's plea. He decided to set the rodent free. As Tom let his prey get away it said to him, "Have a nice day."

Tom Cat went home, his conscience clear. He'd granted the rat its wish. He went to his dinner dish, in the mood for people food. He had a lick of milk, a bite of cheese, a bit of meat, some delicacies. Tom felt great as he ate. The gourmet meal, made him sated and satisfied. And he felt a deep pride inside, It was fine being a benign feline.

Tom Cat never ate another rat.


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