Thursday, April 17, 2008


I believe how I was conceived, how I was born brand new and grew wIth the help of mind and brain to attain the skills I have gained and that I will leave behind.

I believe I know why I will grieve for those who sired and inspired me, who strived so I could maintain the health and gain the wealth that comforts me.

I believe all I believe to be correct and suspect I will know more before I leave this sea and shore and am planted in the earth below where I will no longer freely share what awaits me on my Judgment Day.

I believe when and why I will die I will not know for even science cannot tell me so. All the wisdom of the wise can only surmise and theorize, but cannot explain what the Master Brain had in mind when IT conceived what I believe is Me. I shall endure an eventuality until I know what IT had in store for me.


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