Sunday, March 30, 2008


Someday the demand for oil will fade away and alternate energies will fill our needs. Ocean waves in the seas, corn stalks swaying in the breeze, the sun and hydrogen that can't run out, and other sources,no doubt, will be found.

Why not burn hair from barber shops, outdated pills and dollar bills, horse, pig and cow manure for sure, a bit of this, a bit of that and fat lost when you lose some weight.

The possibilities are great. What you eat and what you ate are great candidates. Mixed with shallots and lost election ballots they generate a lot of gas passing through you as you do what nature tells you to do. Bagels, lox and dirty socks, clocks that lost their ticks and miss their tocks, worthless stocks and Goldielox' golden locks kindle quick making electric.

Fossil fuels we use to brew our booze, make our shoes and print the evening news that fill the tanks of trucks and cars and----who knows?---may someday speed the way to Mars and other distant stars. And when oil's out of season will there still be reason for deadly wars?

Energy farms will keep us warm, cook foods we eat, illuminate our streets, run factories, computers and TVs, provide the amps that light our lamps. Future generations will own their own generators, enjoy cheaper vacations to distant destinations.

Green power will be made from flowers, plants and weeds, even seeds, to satisfy our wants, needs and greeds. But what will the world do after it's abused and used up all the scenic greenery, the corn in the granary and the grapes in the grapery? Plant some plants, burn your pants, do the hootchie-cootchie dance or buy more batteries at the Wal-mart store.

When all these things are up in flame life will never be the same and all that gold in the earth won't be worth one slim greasy, grimy dime.


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