Friday, March 21, 2008


A handshake for old times a sake. A firm embrace. A smiling face. Bliss that comes from just a kiss. Sharing, caring, declaring love. Birth of lifetime memories. Dashing through a summer rain. Gentle landing of a plane. Slipping, falling in the snow. Sleeping through a movie show. Watching little children grow.

Eating a favorite candy bar. Smoking a true Havana cigar. Sipping an ice cold glass of beer. Hearing people cheer and roar for the candidate you voted for. Snacking lip-smacking wine and cheese. The aroma of exotic teas. Pleasure beyond measure as years go by.

Sunday at the Jersey shore. Reading, eating, time fleeting, swimming, hoping rain won't come. Sunning. turning lobster red, a sand pillow beneath your head. Hearing children shout with glee joyfully romping by the sea.

How much better could life be? Memories, please memories, do not abandon me.


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