Sunday, March 02, 2008


Just like Dummy Dubya's gimmicks of the past, the one-time "gift" won't lift the economy. The stupid stipend might pay a one time weekend spending spree or delay the deadline for a pending bankruptcy.

The nation's governors have urged the U. S. to invest in public works to create long-term employment. Bush says nonsense. He insists his tax rebates will temporarily help the economy. And he wants thousands facing bankruptcy to "wait and see" how that turns out. No doubt Bush and the GOP don't know the economy's all about,

They're hoping fore a "short-term stimulus" and forget about tomorrow. When the doles run out, we can always borrow to keep the nation out of troubled water. The truth be known, a one-time dole won't get us out of the hole we're in. It won't lift the income of hard-hti families.

The freebee gimmick's just a way to hide what's making the economy slide dangerously toward a longtime depression. The one-time surge will make some people splurge on necessities like paying loans or buy chicken bones. But once the money's spent it's back to watching every cent, counting pennies. nickels, dimes, coping with these hard times.

Bring our troops back, sack Iraq, fire that pack of hacks destroying democracy; then quit and that will be the end of it. It'll be bye-bye GOP, welcome to DC Obama or Hillary! That'll put America back on the road to solvency.

Work, you jerk, will turn the downtrend up. A permanent wage will set the stage for renewed prosperity. When steady, ready cash comes regularly there will be a trend to over spend. Result: a hot economy. Will we then fret about runaway inflation instead of potential recession or depression? Rebuild the bridges, dig more ditches, tax the richest buns of sitches.

Why not try to leave the economy alone?, Let it rise or fall on its own.


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