Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I am a fictional nonentity concealing my true identity. I have no name, no face, no place where I was born. I am forever changing and rearranging circumstances to enhance the imagined romance that beckons me.

My imagined life thus far would rival any movie star. I am adored for talents I possess, for my gentleness, my calmness under stress, my courage and determination, a readiness to face any confrontation without fear or hesitation.

I am a man of the streets who meets and beats the odds of self-created gods, of clods and frauds of my fanciful fascination. All this I endure and feel secure and sure of me, the only friend that welcomes me into my fold, worth more than all the gold in Fort Knoxx and what still is hiding in the rocks and mines of far flung places of my design.

My faithful fictional family dotes on me and quotes what I say for I am the oracle of all things historical that have not happened in my nonexistent inconsistent most eventful past. If something significant were to occur, I would be the first and last to know. I am a humble and repentant "I-told-me-so."

The woman I select for sex I will treat with great respect. She will be quite fond of me and treat me equally. I will do what I do best to fulfill her expectations regarding our mutual sexual relations and if I pass the test she will invest herself in me.

As I lay with me between the pages of my masterpiece of rages, my emotional and devotional release I will reach the climax of my elusive but all inclusive imagination.

My story has been told. I will fold my book and go to sleep. Good night, my friend.



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