Monday, January 21, 2008


Back in days of yore millions poured to this wilderness from every foreign shore in pursuit of freedom and liberty. Our ancestors sought the right to worship free, unfettered by laws and government dictatorial domination. They abandoned Old World traditions and struggled under harsh conditions to fulfill their mission in this wild, untamed American wilderness. They carved out a land that let all worship God in their own way, till the sod, build their home in a land where prosperity awaited those who could overcome adversity. Equality is what they sought---and got.

Unless they were native born Indians or black Africans. Natives were murdered, robbed of their land. The Blacks were sold into slavery, denied the rights of all humanity.

That was then. This is now. America's a different world somehow. Insane hate and segregation are on the wane. Legal if not yet universal equality has made great gains. Gays and Straights relate and hate between the two today has given way to understanding and respect. Blacks and Whites and other races and religions work together in harmony, cooperate, agree and disagree respectfully without trace of hostility.

Taboos have neared their waterloo. Who would have believed a generation ago a woman and a black would lead in primaries for presidential candidacy? If they win and either becomes president, it will change the course of history. It appears evident either Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama will be the next Commander in Chief of this free democracy.

It took ages for us to agree democracy thrives on diversity. Those with ability, intelligence and common sense----men and women of worth---can save this earth in these times of trial, tribulation and potential annihilation.

The GOP had its chance. They failed miserably. Democrats will lead the way to a revitalized economy and a safer world for all humanity.


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