Friday, December 21, 2007


Jake the Snake played patty-cake with Jenny Centipede. He had no hands, she had many toes and so it goes, she won every round, feet down.
Jake didn't care. He felt the game was fair and square. Fair for he got lots of tail and she had more-so torso.

One day Jake said to Jenny: "For goodness sake, you eat too much patty-cake, When you get a belly I get the shakes. I'm a rattler. I should I should rattle. I think that you are getting fattle."

Jenny replied: "It's not due to cake or calories. The last time we played patty-cake you made love to me I ovulated all over the lake. Soon you're going to be the proud Daddy of a snakeapede.. Jake and Jennie wed, spent all their time in bed, created whole new breed of snakeapedes.

The offspring thing their hot sex got a lot of notoriety. The International Society of Reptilian Variety urged a surge for squirmy worms and wiggling sperms to merge with other crawling creatures. Alas, it came to pass, that a new breed of snake in the grass evolved with hands and feet and other features and, eventually, the sneaky snaky asp in the grass.

All growing things decreed they too would do what with who and nothing was tablou between two who wanted to. Flowers, trees, birds and bees, nuts and seeds, even lowly weeds, all edible vegetables came a cropper with improper shapes and sizes that offered big surprises.

Long, sexy carrots and fat foot-long cukes nestled between big, round cantaloups and squirted apple juice on dried up beans and mustard greens, There were variations and mutations that developed close relations, monkeys with donkey ears, giraffes that laughed like hyenas and shed alligator tears and beets sprouting cow-like teats and human feet, a walrus that walked, a turtle that talked, an ant with antlers.

The list goes on just because Jake the Snake played pattty-cake with
Jenny Centipede.


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