Monday, December 17, 2007


The fickle political pundits really don't know what this race to replace the Party of Disgrace is all about. While trying to figure out who will win and who will lose and who will wear the president's shoes, the fools rely on rules and schools and history to unravel the mystery at a time when events made more sense.

They make predictions based on flawed summations and prevarications found in long outdated books. This presidential race presents a lot of firsts, not in man's thirst for power more than money. There's always been too much of that. It's the plethora of liars and cheaters and self deniers who'd rather set the world on fire than fulfill their desire for peace on Earth.

What they don't understand, this is a race for our survival, not just a contest to decide the next arrival on the Washington scene. After the Mean Machine, the obscene rape of a land once free, a sweeping change of leadership is an absolute necessity.

It must be said that the survivors of the dead in near and far-flung places wear faces of perpetual blood stained pain as they meet each tomorrow alone with endless sorrow Guardians of democracy, freedom and liberty stand by helplessly as rebel troops slay innocents haphazardly. And bit by bit the fields of greenery are disappearing from our scenery,

What is happening to this world and all the people in it? In the moment of time we mortals are granted on this planet could we hope for more than misery? To rise each day to friendly skies and dream at night of apple pies and multi-colored butterflies and lollypops and spinning tops and giggling girls playing hopscotch in the park.

This is how the world should live and this is the gift our government should give. This world of vice and avarice could one day be a Political Paradise.


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