Friday, December 14, 2007


Or any other full of beans in the Republicannery. They're all on loan from the clone factory and none of those GOPers on the run are even slightly satisfactory to undo all that Dubyadoodoo has done to everyone who loves the good old U. S. A.

Not Huck the schmuck from Arkansas who would rule by the law of the all wrong Right or Guilliani who doesn't know his fist from his fanny or any of those other wannabee sonnabees are worth a shucket of bit when you get right down to it.

Although they'd all like to disown Dubya and Dick who sent this nation up the crick they're each a clone of the Terrible Terrorist Two and the Bush Catastrophe Crew who are out to destroy the Red, White and Blue.

The truth be known, they ain't got no more religion than a poor and hungry pigeon, but they preach the gospel that it's possible to turn our democracy into a theocracy by dint of slick talking hypocrisy. If the GOP steals the vote once again the country will no longer be run by men, but by just one man, a president/dictator of a democratic/autocratic state.

Do you want to wage a perpetual war and encourage the rage of nations near and far, deal with the displacement of millions of refugees banging at our door, pay an ever mounting mountain of taxes to the axis of evil we could become? If so, you know where you can go.

If you want to worship as you please, be free of bigotry and enjoy the fruits of peace and liberty, you know where you should stay. We've had the bitter taste of eight years of GOP. It's up to you. Let's rewrite the menu!


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