Monday, December 10, 2007


This is not just another political campaign to select and elect a president. We're engaged in an all-out war---Humanity Against Insanity. We have a choice: do we want a voice in the future of civilization or are we willing to submit to four, maybe eight more years, of death and devastation by masters of disaster in a plot to rob us what we've still got of our fading democracy?

Are we simply willing to aid another enemy by submitting to the powers of an out of control Right Wing Christianity where dictatorship will take us on a one-way trip of no return?

How could voters choose another loser who promises this and that when he's just talking through his hat, saying he knows where it's all at, when all the GOP defective intelligence could not qualify for one elective president?

We, the people, sent a ten cent mental case to the White House and now our future's faced with more of the same crap that put us in the trap we're in: Less Democracy, More Hypocrisy; Less Liberty, Less Freedom than we ever dreamed it could be. The GOP has just begun to finish the job that B and C and Company have already done.

The enemy has won and we've become a dumb, humdrum debtor nation wasting time and the taxpayer's dime debating over Creation versus Evolution, Abortion Rights against future over population blight, the greening of our civilization opposed to pollution and contamination, letting the climate broil while we burn more oil so the powers of fuel can become more powerful by the hour.

Are we just a bunch of lame-brained rabble building another Tower of Babble, a tribe in denial with a world on trial? We'd better wake up before it's too late and strive to save our sinking Ship of State.


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