Sunday, December 02, 2007


How many times must voters hear the same old sick rhetoric? Rehashing bashing B. S. that not so bright speech writers write. The same thick-headed schtick that sticks to blah-blah-blah and ha-ha-ha and textbook gobble-de-gook to cook the goose of the worthy opposition politician.

Because he's got that presidential poise and employes all the toys the big boys enjoy, there's hope this dope will bloat the vote and sink the other party's boat come election day.

"We know what that dead head said, but what did he mean to say?" Confused, bemused, feeling abused, they'll vote for him anyway. He's damned dumb, ain't so smart, just an old gasser passer who kisses babies, lays the ladies, is probably headed for Hades. But he's paid his dues, is big on God and family, and sneers pleasantly.

He used to be hooked on broads and booze, but that's old news. Now he's taken the vow, been born again, goes to church, prays on Sundays religiously. So how can he lose?

So give three cheers for What's His Name, the candidate without a brain, a real dumb cluck with lots of luck, a payback hack who'll put us on the right track to wrack and ruin before he's through n' he'll be replaced by a good old Democrat. And that is that!


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