Monday, November 19, 2007


This year's game is not the same as campaigns of the past. Before you cast your vote take note: God forbid the rotten things the GOP did will be forgotten on Election Day and they will if Democrats don't have their say. The GOP, one and all, must fall! Their dirty politic tricks have put the nation in a fix that cries out for solution, a return of rule by Constitution---or revolution.

Let the word be heard throughout the length and breadth of our our land, it's the Democratic return to democracy or face disgrace and victory for hypocrisy. We dare not let the GOP, with a new leader at the head, complete the job the misadministration has done to undo our life and liberty.

The Bush brain-trust must bite the dust to atone for what they've done, breaking laws and changing the Bill of Rights, clause by clause, because it stands for freedom and liberty, hallmarks of democracy.

If the GOP is allowed to stay in power, our future as the shining star of the downtrodden and oppressed will be replaced by a shroud of death.

Can we endure this insanity, this disregard for humanity, that could run rampant over democracy? A massive vote will let the GOP and all who support Bush incompetency know that's not the way we do things in the USA.


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