Friday, October 19, 2007


Before there was a Henry Ford or Model T or an oil industry folks got around quite handily staring at the ass of an an ass with a swishing tail pulling a bale of cotton or hay from here to there and everywhere.

I'm talking about horses, of course, and horsepower that powered the transportation of our nation. Those big shitter critters, caused lot sof litte, but never gave folks cancer and were the answer to a farmer's prayer.

The horse was there in all weather, hot or cold you could tether up and say "Giddy-yup!" and it would go till you said "Whoa!" There was no need for speed limits or one way streets. Head-on collisions? Dobbin made his own decisions. He'd gee aside, do nothing wrong, and go bob-bob-bobbin right along..

Then one day the Model T ushered in the start of a revolution of pollution and the birth of a brand new industry. Horses went to the glue factory. Oil and gasoline came on the scene and the auty-mo-biel was the big deal. Horseless carriages were in, horses were out and speed was what it was all about. Twelve miles an hour! That was power!

The horseless buggy kept chugging along. It got stronger, longer, sleek,
streamlined, designed with style in mind. Almost everyone has one or two
and they're not all black. Now there are buses and trucks and SUVs and
homes on wheels called RVs. They're driven to work, on trips, to weekend
bashes. Some wind up in fatal head-on crashes.

You know what cars can do so there's no point telling you. You know
they're no longer cheap. That gas to run them is steep. That there's no
dispute, they pollute. Still prices keep rising as enterprising gougers lie and
send prices jumping at the pump.

And that's where BS replaces horse manure as politicians and oil
companies find new excuses to heap abuses on hapless motorists. Come
off it! They could cut profits and still make a lot. But they don't. They'd
rather grab their unfair share and don't care and GB gives us BS. He's
willing to do more drilling instead of forcing industry to settle for a lower
price at the pump in these times of sacrifice.


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