Monday, October 08, 2007


Dubya's a hopeless dope on dope, an idiotic narcotic, a chronic boozer, a three million times loser, a sadistic abuser, a horse's ass who ignored the military brass and took us to war like a whore jumps in bed, thinking with his ass instead of his head,

Says Dubya the Dope, "Forge ahead! We'll stay the course until the last GI is dead and our last dime has been spent." Then he'll meet defeat and fall on his face in total disgrace and resent the extent to which voters hate this bonofasitch. We'd call him an S.O.B. but he's worse than that. He's a lowdown "shiece of pit."

I don't want to scare but I must add, BEWARE! Dubya Dope is still there in the outhouse White House, spreading germs, dictating terms. Iraq, the enemy/ winning side, must abide before we'll let them tender their unconditional surrender to us, the pretender victorious, notorious destroyer of potential peace in the Middle East.

Again we're defeated by the Beast!


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