Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Do the leaders of this land, with all their schooling understand, they're fooling with a fate greater than man could possibly fear in all the millennia since life has been here? What is happening to our limited days, in a hundred diabolic ways, is not the result of nature's determination. We, the created. are fated to meet our demise by the sick of politic.

The signs of impending end are everywhere---in the climate, in the air, in abnormal rains and hurricanes, tornadoes and melting ice floes, of unexplained and unrestrained disease, in the deprivation facing populations of undeveloped, unchanged nations where starvation is a way of life, where war and brutal confrontation are the ultimate contamination of a once sane civilization.

The Bible says the "end of times" is near. Fatalists bemoan it is already here. Pessimists insist it is too late to alter fate. Optimists cry "No! We have a way to go, time to slow and even reverse the destruction of the universe if those who determine what to do with our tax revenue will open up their purse and do what must be done for everyone before things get worse.

No matter what the preachers say and pray, this is all the act of man. To blame God is to perpetrate a holy fraud.


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